With so many people on the beach, it may be hard to stand out as a volunteer monitor. From the perspective of the general public, it’s important for volunteer monitors to be easily identifiable. They are a source of information, but only if you can find them!

What does a Volunteer Look Like?

A piping plover monitor at Sauble Beach, identified by the bright orange birding vest.
A piping plover volunteer monitor at Sauble Beach, will be wearing a bright orange vest with the words: “Sauble Beach Piping Plover Volunteer” on the back.

All volunteers will also be wearing a nametag indicating that they are an active volunteer. Look for individuals with a spotting scope (telescope) or binoculars as well. Although, with the popularity of the piping plovers on some days, you may have to look through a crowd of people in order to find the volunteer in the orange vest in the center of the group.

Many people at Sauble Beach have been around since the beginning of the piping plover recovery program. Some residents and regular cottagers likely know as much about the program and piping plovers as some of our volunteers! If you get information from a person who is not wearing an orange vest or a nametag, it might be worthwhile to confirm the information here on the website. Our volunteers are up-to-date with current information from the provincial piping plover team and the experience of the entire volunteer group.