The ‘Sauble Seven’ Have Flown the Nest

Alicia Fortin Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

At long last, we have had to bid a reluctant but fond farewell to the ‘Sauble Seven.’ That’s right, the Sauble Beach 2017 Piping Plover fledglings have left Sauble and are on their way south for the winter.

Now that the fledglings are safely on their way, we can provide a season summary for all of you eager number crunchers. Here are the stats:

Season Summary
– 13 adults passed through Sauble Beach
– 9 known adults stayed to build nests
– 4 nests were built, with 4 eggs each (and one pseudo nest with only 1 egg laid before it was abandoned), for a total of 17 eggs laid
– Nest 4 clutch of eggs was lost to small mammalian predator June 8
12 chicks hatched between June 16 and 23
– All Nest 2 chicks lost, likely to gulls by June 30
– 1 Nest 3 chick lost to a gull
7 chicks (from Nest 1 and Nest 3) fledged between June 15 and 21
– All adults left the beach by July 29
– All 7 fledglings left the beach by August 9

For more stories about the Piping Plovers this summer and to celebrate their successes, join us Wednesday, August 23 at 6:30pm at Huron Feathers Presbyterian Centre for our Wrap-Up Celebration! The Piping Plovers have continued to delight and surprise us on Sauble Beach, and we are looking forward to sharing stories from this summer. We would like to extend a big thank you to volunteers and Plover Lovers at large, municipal and enforcement staff, the MNRF, and beachgoers for the interest, care, and dedication you have shown to protecting one of Ontario’s amazing species at risk and for sharing the shore. We look forward to more successful seasons in the years to come as we all work to build understanding and compassion for the environment we live in.