The Chicks are Fledging!

Alicia Fortin Uncategorised

Yes, you read that title correctly! We currently have 4 fledglings on the beach! Last night, two of the chicks from Nest 1, the most northern nest this season, were seen flying about 100 feet down the beach. One month to the day after they hatched, they have learned to fly! Today, all four Nest 1 chicks were still seen, although they were not together. While three had stayed together closer to the north end of the beach, one decided to branch out. This chick was seen foraging and resting with the chicks and male (known as Flagboy) near Nest 3! This far flyer is pictured below.

Speaking of Nest 3, all 3 of the chicks have been accounted for today, and all are growing up quickly! At about 24 days old, these chicks should be fledging any day now, and have been busy with their own flight attempts. They have been seen flying 10 feet at a time, which is quite a feat, if you ask us! In between flight practice and foraging, they have been sure to take some rest time while Flagboy keeps watched. Stay tuned for more information when these chicks fledge!