Fledglings, and Sanderlings, and Flagboy, Oh My!

Alicia Fortin Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

As the warm summer weather rolls in, many are still wondering how our little friends on the beach are doing, so here is a quick update. All of the adults except for M1 from this season, known to many by his reference name Flagboy, have left the beach. This has left all of the Nest 1 chicks to take care of themselves. We thought that one of the chicks had left with the adults for the winter migration down to Florida, but this chick reappeared this morning. All four of the newly fledged Nest 1 chicks have moved to the Nest 3 area near Huron Feathers to be with Flagboy and his 3 chicks! They have been joined by a number of Sanderlings as they migrate through the area. All four Nest 1 chicks have demonstrated their fantastic flying abilities. Sometimes their success seems to annoy Flagboy, as he has taken to chasing them away from his chicks’ foraging areas every once and a while.

Despite the occasional squabble, the Piping Plovers chicks are doing well. Flagboy’s chicks have been demonstrating their ability to fly short distances over the drainage ditches and into the vegetation without a problem. Their dad continues to keep an eye out for them though, and warns them of every human or gull in the area. We are very excited that they have done so well, and are expecting them to be on their way south soon!