Fledglings on the Beach!

Alicia Fortin Sauble Beach, Uncategorised, Updates from the Beach

While many of us expected the Piping Plover fledglings of 2017 to leave the beach earlier this week, they have surprised us yet again by sticking around! We have continued to see both Flagboy, the male from Nest 3, along with chicks from both Nest 1 and Nest 3. In fact, yesterday Flagboy was seen foraging with one chick from Nest 1 and one chick from Nest 3. Flagboy seems to have determined that his chicks are now grown up enough to forage with the older fledglings on the beach!

The Piping Plovers have become more difficult to find on the beach because the fledglings are very proficient flyers. They seem to come out of nowhere as you are walking along the beach, meaning that while only 3 were spotted on the beach today, there may still be others around! We will continue to keep an eye out for them to determine their final date of departure. If you have not had the chance to go out and see the fledglings on the beach, now may be the time! We are always happy to hear about your experiences and see your photos, so if you find these free-flying fledglings this week, tell us your stories in the comments below or on our Facebook Page!