Ohio Student Newspaper Spreads Piping Plover Awareness

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Volunteers will be the first to tell you that the sight of piping plovers and chicks scurrying across the beach is a sight that warms ones heart and makes it all worthwhile. What does not get shared often enough are the interactions they have with so many interesting people. Shiloh Reynolds and her family have vacationed at Sauble Beach for many years and they are delighted to see the return of the Piping Plover. Shiloh, attends Sylvania Southview High School in Toledo, Ohio.

As editor of her newspaper Shiloh interacted with volunteers on the beach and subsequently contacted Plover Lovers’ Volunteer Coordinator Jenna Skinner. Shiloh stated that her reason for writing the story is “to get her generation to care more and be more conscientious about their impact on nature”.

Her story was published in “The Catalyst” on September 16, which coincidently is “Plovers Appreciation Day”. Thank you Shiloh, you’ve impacted more than your generation!