Summer Experience Students Become Plover Lovers

Jenna Skinner Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

MNRF Summer Experience Students monitoring Nest 5 (photo by Alannah Taylor)

MNRF Summer Experience Students monitoring Nest 5 (photo by Alannah Taylor)

Plover Lovers were fortunate to have four Summer Experience Students from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry join us in monitoring the Piping Plovers over the past two days. It was a great group with a lot of enthusiasm for the environmental work that they are doing this summer. The students monitored the nests, provided support to the Biologist as she set up predator trials, and spoke with the public about the endangered birds. The beautiful weather on Thursday brought many beachgoers who were eager to learn about the work that we do. Although the beach was cool and blustery today, the students were in great spirits and helped the Volunteer Coordinator walk the beach in search of Plovers. A big thank you to them and best wishes for the rest of their summer projects!

Along with the students, volunteers have been searching for Port Boy (M4) and his mate, Ms. Green Dot (F4). Port Boy hasn’t been seen since Sunday. After attempting to incubate Nest 5 alone over the course of a few days, Ms. Green Dot abandoned her nest as early as Wednesday night. She was not observed on the nest at all yesterday or today, and the eggs have been drifted over by blowing sand. The last time she was seen on the beach was yesterday around 7pm. The beach was walked several times today with no sign of either bird, so it’s possible that F4 has left Sauble to fly south.

Although this is sad and discouraging news, Nest 5 is still going strong and could hatch any day now!