Microbead Plastics: A Growing Danger in Our Water

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Erinn Lawrie (left) and Rhiannon Moore (right) at their Beach Talk 2016 presentation

Erinn Lawrie (left) and Rhiannon Moore at their Beach Talk 2016 presentation

Last Tuesday, our Beach Talk series continued with a presentation by Rhiannon Moore with the help of her colleague, Erinn Lawrie, from the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation. Rhiannon spoke about plastic pollution in Lake Huron, including microbead plastics, which have recently been listed federally as a toxic substance. Plastic waste poses a major risk to shoreline and aquatic species, including Piping Plovers.

Rhiannon works as a Coastal Outreach Specialist, leading the Coastal Centre’s “Butt Free Beach” Campaign, which aims to eliminate cigarette butts on Lake Huron’s shoreline. Along with educating the audience about this initiative, she provided some great tips about reducing plastic pollution. These included using reusable cups, choosing not to use plastic straws, buying personal products that have natural exfoliants rather than microbeads, and using proper trash receptacles. For more information about the Coastal Centre, visit http://lakehuron.ca/

Please join us tomorrow night for a talk by Kerry Jarvis, an incredible photographer, naturalist, author, gardener, and traveller. Kerry will be sharing his stories and images while discussing how to be an ethical and compassionate nature photographer. To see some of his amazing photos, visit http://www.kerryjarvis.com/home.html