Chick Hatches from Nest 5

Jenna Skinner Uncategorised

Sauble Beach's new chick (photo by Jenna Skinner)

Sauble Beach’s new chick (photo by Jenna Skinner)

Exciting news this morning: a chick has hatched from Nest 5! It’s an extremely windy day at the beach, so the little one has been hiding in the long grasses with its mother this morning. It did pop out to check out the beach and have a bite while the weather was calm, but returned to its hiding place when the wind picked up again. The parents have been seen working as a team to chase gulls away from the chick, and the female has also been sitting on the single egg that remains in the nest for short periods. It is unclear whether it is yet to hatch, but we will keep you posted.

We are hoping for the best for this precious chick and its determined parents!