Canada Day Weekend Update

Jenna Skinner Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

Photo by Linda and Stefan Waldmann

Photo by Linda and Stefan Waldmann

It was a very busy Canada Day weekend in Sauble Beach, with gorgeous weather on Saturday and Sunday. Heavy rain came down on Friday morning and afternoon, which was badly needed and fortunately did not cause any flooding near the Plover nests. That evening cleared up beautifully as visitors flocked to the beach to celebrate. Sauble Beach had an official fireworks display on Thursday night. No visible behavioural changes were observed in the Plovers by volunteer monitors during the display (e.g. flushing off nest, seeking cover, etc.).

Volunteer monitors  covered the entire weekend, talking to hundreds of beachgoers and handing out educational materials. Some wonderful interactions took place, including speaking with people who had not visited the beach in years and were glad to know that the Plovers are still nesting here. Children were especially excited to receive Plover Lovers tattoos!

Both nests and mating pairs are safe and sound, and Flag Boy was seen as recently as yesterday on the beach. We were unsure where he had gone as he hadn’t been seen much last week, so we were happy to know that he is still around.

Territorial displays were observed by several of the volunteer monitors on Friday and Saturday. The photos below show F1 from Nest 5, and M4 (Port Boy) from Nest 4 engaging in this behaviour. Flag Boy was also involved in these altercations. It was certainly exciting to watch!

North of Nest 4

Territorial displays were seen over the long weekend (Photo by Linda and Stefan Waldmann)

Territorial displays were seen over the long weekend (photos by Linda and Stefan Waldmann).

We hope you all had a great long weekend and that we see you tomorrow night at the Plover Lovers Beach Talk featuring Keith Brownlee from Friends of Sauble Beach. The event will be at the Sauble Beach Community Centre at 7pm. Admission is free and all are welcome!