A second chance for M1 and F1

Jenna Skinner Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

F1 and M1 courting last month (photo by Jenna Skinner)

F1 and M1 courting last month (photo by Jenna Skinner)

Some more good news to share: Sauble’s 5th nest!

M1 and F1, the pair whose first nest was washed out by high water on June 7/8, have re-nested just north of their previous location, between 4th and 5th St N. It is much further from the shore than their first nest (Nest 2), so it is more protected from wave action. The couple already had 2 eggs when passersby came across the nest yesterday morning. We are monitoring the nest now as it seems like the pair is already incubating these 2 eggs. It is not uncommon for a second nest to have a smaller clutch than the usual 4 eggs because of the huge energy expenditure required to produce the eggs.

If you’re visiting Sauble Beach, you’ll notice that the area between 3rd and 4th St N has now opened up. While putting up the perimeter fence for Nest 5 this morning, the MNRF and Plover Lover Volunteers removed the rope fences from the Nest 1 and Nest 2 areas. The Nest 3 perimeter was removed on Tuesday as the materials were used for Nest 4 at 7th St N.

Here’s hoping that these two new nests are successful!