Happy Canada Day Weekend!

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Remember to share the shore with wildlife this long weekend! (photo by Merri-Lee Metzger)

Remember to share the shore with wildlife this long weekend! (photo by Merri-Lee Metzger)

Canada Day is upon us, and we can’t wait to celebrate in Sauble Beach!

We are anticipating a very busy long weekend coming up, and will have volunteer coverage throughout. If you’re visiting Sauble Beach, please keep in mind a few things to reduce disturbance to the Piping Plovers:

  • Respect posted areas, even if you don’t see birds inside them. Birds, eggs and nests are well-camouflaged among beach habitat, and disturbance by people can cause the abandonment of a nest.
  • Give the birds a wide berth.
  • Remember that dogs are not allowed on the beach at Sauble. This by-law is in place for safety and hygiene, however even on a leash, dogs are perceived as predators by nesting birds. The Sauble Beach by-law staff are very vigilant when it comes to dogs on the beach.
  • Throw away trash in the appropriate bins and avoid eating near the marked Piping Plover areas. Food and litter attract predators of chicks and eggs.
  • Keep the area between the perimeter fence and the shore clear. This is the area that the birds usually use for foraging and chicks which are no larger than a cotton ball are hard to see and need to feed regularly.
  • Leave the fireworks at home and attend an official display instead. Sauble Beach’s fireworks are tonight, June 30, at dusk.
  • Talk to our volunteer monitors! We love to share information and stories about the birds and we look forward to chatting with you!

On behalf of the Piping Plovers, we appreciate your support in sharing the shore with these precious endangered birds. Have a safe and wonderful weekend!