What is it like to be a Piping Plover Volunteer Monitor?

Jenna Skinner Local News, Plover Lovers Committee, Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach


It’s an experience that leaves you beaming as you watch the precious chicks venture out from the safe confines of their exclosure to find their own food, or as a young child tells you about their aspirations for protecting nature.

Many of us volunteer because of our love for nature and more specifically for these charismatic little shorebirds. But as a volunteer, interacting with the public has been a very rewarding experience, too. We’ve spoken with many people who have never seen an adult Piping Plover, let alone chicks in their breeding territory. This year, people from as far away Australia have been captivated by these birds on the shores of Sauble Beach.

We hope you join us as a Piping Plover Monitor for the 2016 season. All are welcome to attend the following:

  • Volunteer Orientation on Tuesday, May 31st from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Huron Feathers, 303 Lakeshore Blvd N, Sauble Beach, ON N0H 2G0.
  • A follow-up session will be held on Saturday, June 11 from 9:30 – 11:00 am at the Sauble Beach Community Centre. It will feature Stew Nutt, the original Volunteer Coordinator who remains engaged with the species’ recovery.

Whether you are a committed volunteer ready for the 2016 season, a lapsed volunteer who is considering renewing your walks on the beach, or a first timer with lots of questions, we hope you’ll join us. Please feel free to bring a friend or partner; the more Plover Lovers, the merrier it will be!

For more information, contact coordinator@ploverlovers.com