A male Piping Plover Photo by Don Kennedy

Give Piping Plovers Their Space

Cheryl Ferguson Plover Lovers Committee, Sauble Beach, Uncategorised, Updates from the Beach

Now that the Piping Plovers have arrived, the most important thing we need to remember is to leave them alone and to refrain from interfering with their nesting activities.

The birds have travelled a great distance to be here and are busy building up lost body mass, and preparing their bodies for egg laying and rearing of chicks.

The “No Dogs On The Beach” bylaw has kicked in and last summer the fine was $150.00 per dog on a leash, and $300.00 for a dog off leash.  There are higher fines for ATV’s.

While on the beach, watch carefully where you step. Watch for scrapes that can have a small mound of dried vegetation around it, there may even be a few shells placed in the area. Nests are located in the middle of the beach so avoid walking in this area.

Honour the code of ethics for photographing the birds  … keep your distance with your telephoto lens.

If you spot an egg please contact 1-877-TIPS-MNR (1-877-847-7667) or coordinator@ploverlovers.com. Please DO NOT tell anyone else the location of the nest.

Check this site for more information on nesting Piping Plovers.

Last, but not least, please view this 2 minute video “Give Birds Space”, released by GLPIPL. It outlines the stresses faced by shorebirds, something that we as humans can influence – we can make it easier for this species to survive ….. if we know how and if we choose.


Photo Credit: Don Kennedy