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Photo by Stefan Waldmann

Photo by Stefan Waldmann

Sauble Beach and the Bruce Peninsula are popular stops for birders and nature lovers from all over the world. Just this past week, Plover Lovers have encountered international travellers visiting the beach to see the Piping Plovers and their nesting behaviour.

One volunteer met a couple from Australia who were visiting friends in Sauble. They were interested to hear the similarities of nesting conditions of their Hooded Plovers and our Piping Plovers. We have learned a great deal from the Hooded Plover volunteer site over this past winter and we are inspired by their amazing accomplishments.

Last Thursday, birders from Cornwall, U.K. visited the beach to see the Piping Plovers, and they were not disappointed. These folks are involved in a similar conservation project back home that focuses on the recovery of the Red-billed Chough, a member of the crow family that became extinct in Cornwall in the 1970s. Thanks to conservation efforts and the work of volunteers, the Choughs have returned and nested annually on Cornwall’s coast since 2002. For more information, visit

Local residents and cottagers also find enjoyment in visiting the Plovers. Over the long weekend, many families with young children came down the beach to see the birds through the spotting scope and get some Piping Plover tattoos and stickers. Some even remembered the birds (and stickers) from last summer! Volunteers chatted with teens and young adults who had a healthy respect for the program and might one day become conservationists themselves. It is times like these that make it all worthwhile!