Spring is in the Air – in January?

Cheryl Ferguson Global News, Local News, Plover Lovers Committee

So far we have had a fairly mild winter compared to last winter when Lake Huron was completely frozen over. In fact last spring we were dealing with ice jams until Victoria Day on May 18th.

Are you wondering how the wintering Piping Plovers are doing in Florida?

Ask Danny Sauvageau, a Florida resident & photographer who has been tracking wintering Piping Plovers. He posted this on Facebook recently:

“Spring is in the Air” for Piping Plovers that is! Even though it is the middle of winter, here in Florida the Piping Plovers are starting to go through a change. I have been very close to Piping Plover that winter in FL for four years now, and I see the same thing happening about this time of year. The Piping Plover that spent months together peacefully, with an occasional spat over a feeding area, are starting to get their breeding colors and are getting very active in battle. I would think they are getting ready to defend their breeding areas when they fly back north, or maybe trying to secure a new mate. They get their hackles up to make themselves look bigger, and chase down anyone they don’t want in their area! Outback Key in Pinellas County, FL”.

Thank you Danny for allowing us to share these amazing action shots with Plover Lovers everywhere!

Danny 2 SS 2016-02-07    Danny 3 SS 2016-02-07       Danny 5 SS 2016-02-07  Danny 4 SS 2016-02-07    Danny 1 Sauvageau SS 2016-02-07