A-Frame Type Chick Shelters

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Connecting with Facebook Hooded Plovers of Australia has introduced us to the concept of A-frame type chick shelters aka plover huts or chick shelters.  We also learned that they have been used in Michigan but had limited use compared to the Hooded Plovers in Australia. The shelters are on beaches that have little or no natural hiding spots and the chicks use them to avoid predators and/or disturbances from beachgoers. The Hooded Plover face conditions similar to the Piping Plovers at Sauble Beach, except for the 40C temps in the summer! The following articles were shared: The feature image is on their October 16, 2015 post. Thank you for sharing!

http://birdlife.org.au/documents/BNB-Maguire et al 2011.pdf



Last spring at Sauble Beach there was little driftwood available for camouflage purposes. We wonder what the condition of the beach will be like next April?