Cheryl Ferguson

September 16, 2015 is Plover Appreciation Day

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Birdlife Australia via the Hooded Program’s goal is to have volunteers to connect with other volunteers working to conserve different species of plovers, and to use the ‘day’ to share stories to create an awareness of plovers at risk/endangered throughout the world.

Matt Jeffery - Audubon Sept

Piping Plovers Get a Protected Park in the Bahamas.

Cheryl Ferguson Articles, Global News

In 2012 Audubon scientists Matt Jeffery and Walker Golden discovered hundreds of Piping Plovers wintering at Joulter Cays, Bahamas. They found that at least 4% of the world’s Piping Plovers winter there – the second highest concentration of Piping Plovers after Texas. In September 2015, Joulter Cays was designated as a National Park. The 2016 International Census commences next month.