Mr Lonely

Our Piping Plover is spotted in Anclote Key State Park in Pinella County Florida

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There were some pretty special Ontario Parks – Wasaga Beach Piping plovers that came to nest at Sauble Beach this year. One of them was  “Mr Lonely”.  He hatched at Wasaga Beach in 2014 and came to Sauble Beach looking for a mate on May 23, 2015.

His bands: Left Upper: Metal, Left Lower: Yellow, Right Upper: Orange, Right Lower: Yellow (#022) or X,Y:O,Y(022)

He was a very determined bird. To the point that he was seen several times trying to take over another male piping plover’s nest. Females were scarce this year and in the end he did not find a mate. That did not stop him from joining the other piping plovers to protect their young / nests from predator Ring-billed Gulls.

What was really exciting was to have Florida photographer Danny Sauvageau contact us on the Plover Lovers Facebook site and confirm that Mr Lonely was no longer lonely.

To quote Danny: “He made it to his winter home in in Florida! I saw him on 8-12-15 at Anclote Key State Park in Pinellas County, FL. He was not lonley here………..I saw 48 Piping Plover in the area he was. Follow my page and see the other Piping Plover Adventures I have”. Danny also mentioned that this is Mr Lonely’s second winter

Thank you to Danny Sauvageau, it’s experiences like this that pique a Plover Lover’s interest.