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Stew Nutt’s Piping Plover Discussion at Port Elgin

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Really enjoyed attending tonights’s presentation about Piping Plovers, one of the Environmental Speaker Series hosted by Saugeen Shores (aka Port Elgin). Stew Nutt, one of the original plover lovers in these parts wowed his audience with an interesting and informative speech…we were assured that at least some of it was true. We especially liked learning about his trips to Atlantic Canada to learn from their Guardian programs and to Michigan to learn about their incubation process for abandoned eggs (would be wonderful to also have in Ontario, wouldn’t it?) .

Kudos to Stew…his knowledge and experience with Plovers is second to none, to Laura McKenna of Saugeen Shores for arranging such an interesting and relevant offering of topics and to Sandy Lindsay of for her continued plover coverage. Finally, hats off to a really engaged audience…the calibre and number of questions reaffirmed that we were in the company of many other Plover Lovers and at least two future fellow volunteer monitors.

A photo of “Port Boy” and his chicks

PIPL Port M & Chicks 1 14 Stew Nutt

Photo credit: Stew Nutt