Fireworks at Sauble Beach Tonight

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An article from Florida warning that fireworks don’t mix with nesting shorebirds!

While fireworks blast away at the beach this Independence Day weekend, dependent hatchlings chicks will huddle down in the sand, as their parents sometimes abandon the nest in terror.

Entire bird colonies can be lost when fireworks, our feet or pets intrude on shorebird nesting habitat.

So bird advocates urge beachgoers to tread lightly among the dunes this Fourth of July weekend and to avoid lighting fireworks that could add to shorebird disruptions. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is urging the public to help protect nesting shorebirds by keeping personal fireworks off the beach and watching out for their nests.

Species that nest on the beach include snowy plover, least tern, black skimmer, American oystercatcher and Wilson’s plover.