Cheryl Ferguson

Out-of-town visitors delight in seeing the Piping Plovers

Cheryl Ferguson Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

Paul & Tiina Payson of Edmonton Alberta were just two of the bird watchers on the beach early this afternoon viewing the Piping Plovers. Avid birdwatchers back home, especially of shorebirds, they were thrilled with what they saw. Keeping company with the Plovers that were feeding along the water’s edge was a Dunlin, another shorebird that some beachgoers mistake for a Piping Plover.

Paul and Tiina are pictured here along with two of our volunteer monitors, Aubrey Ferguson (orange vest) and ‘Morning Man’ Don Kennedy as they ham it up having just located one of the two new arrivals spotted for the first time today.

Not only do we have a pair of nesting Piping Plovers now, many of the 14 Plovers that have visited the beach this year have stayed but have not set up housekeeping yet. At least four have not liked our weather and have moved on, with one female now nesting at Wasaga. It is unknown where the others are! Michigan perhaps?

Today, as yesterday, Stewart Nutt led another Huron Fringe Birding Festival group of 30+/- birders onto the beach at Sauble to see, what for some was a “lifer” bird, the Piping Plover. A lifer is a term used by birdwatchers (birders) to denote a viewing for the first time in one’s life. Some of today’s Festival attendees came from Markham, Toronto, and the Kitchener-Waterloo area.