Stefan Waldmann

First PIPL’s Arrive!

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Two PIPL’s arrived on the last day of April, both are males. The first PIPL’s bands are: upper left nothing, lower left orange, upper right metal, lower right light blue or —,O:X,b . He hatched at N Manitou Island, Michigan and has nested at Sauble Beach since 2011. He is referred to as “Mr Baby Blue” – for quick recognition of his baby blue band on his lower right leg.  He hatched 3 chicks out of 4. One chick fledged (X,B(111):O,B/O/B

Inside enclosure Nest 2



The second male was first seen on Sauble Beach on the same day last year!!  His bands are: upper left orange flag, lower left orange & blue bands, upper right metal, lower right black or Of,OB:X,L. He hatched at Ludington State Park, Michigan in 2012.  Referred to as “Flag Boy” – for quick recognition of his orange flag. End of season summary: First nest, hatched 4 chicks, 2 were predated by Ring-billed gulls.  Two chicks fledged the beginning of August. Bands: X,B/O:O,B(021)  and  X,B/O:O,B(023)

P1-1  Photo credit: Stefan Waldmann