August 4, 2014

Leah Port Elgin, Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

Carolyn’s Update:

All chicks were in perimeter with Male last night between 6:45 and 8:15pm. They were in southeast corner of perimeter until about 7:30pm then they headed towards drainage ditch on North side of perimeter. Around 7:45pm Male moved them North up the beach to forage approx half way to river mouth on far side of a drainage ditch up there. Things were quite quiet on the beach and all were accounted for when I left. I will be out in the afternoon to take a look! They have been really using the foredune grass in the last few days and sometimes are really hard to see!

Sauble Beach, 1pm to 6pm

All 3 chicks and male spent the afternoon at the narrow op part of the drainage ditch at 11 St N. They foraged, rested, preened and bathed and wondered around the foredune all while the male kept a close eye. They were pulling out really big worms or larva and just generally enjoying the beach.

A thick fog rolled in and a cool breeze which led to a lot of people leaving the beach. Nice for the birds. They did well with some bikes going by the OPP 4 wheeler and even the garbage truck. At this point they can easily navigate out of the way and are doing well with these things. Just before I left some exuberant children wanted to chase the plovers and pet them but with some quick action this was stopped and the kids 4 and 6 years old for the most part sat and watched while myself and their mother made sure they weren’t chasing the birds and they had a quick lesson in plover 101 with some handouts and tattoos. All in all a great day.

Alex and Cheryl and Aubrey were also out enjoying the beautiful day. It was wonderful that it was not as crowded as Fri/Sat/Sun and the birds had a bit more freedom to move around.

Oh yeah also forgot to mention lots of wings a flappin today. They would go upward an inch or two but so far that is all. They have really gotten big and are starting to look a little less fuzzy. Hopefully we will start to see some shorter flights soon!

Port Elgin

The PE chicks had not returned back to PE since last Thursday so the perimeter in Port Elgin was removed on Sat morning. A big thank you to Stew Nutt for helping take it down. It was tough work and a hot day! People enjoyed learning of the birds success and happily reclaimed the beach some people even thought the birds should have stayed along with the perimeter!

The 4 chicks have been seen on Gobles Grove all together as well as in groups of 1, 2, or 3. Not sure where they are spending the rest of their time but they were not at PE on Sunday. Stew Nutt saw all four at Gobles today. They are doing quite well navigating the busy shoreline and flying when needed. They are officially on their way!! A very proud moment for us all!