August 13, 2014

Leah Port Elgin, Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

Wind and waves are blowing water up to the grass line…bring your wellies. Sky clearing now, creeks are full….no birds.

Had a spotter report 5 adults 1 chick behind a log front of 6th St, nothing when I got there, she came back and pointed out the tree, nothing. Basically covered 5th to variety store.

Carolyns Update:

Headed down to the beach today to do another full survey to look for our missing kid. Although Don mentioned the water was high, I was not expecting it to be that high! Wow! I will send a few photos so you can all see. Monica and Judy and Alex and Jansen helped to survey the beach today which allowed for an extensive search in the sedge and dune areas.

Monica and Judy spotted the male at about 11:45 am. He was just north of the 6th St N bathroom sitting behind a log. He was piping continuously and loudly. The wind was very strong and the waves were enormous and loud! He didn’t stay long and flew off in southern direction at about 11:49. None of saw him again.

There was no sign of the chick from the the main street parking lot to the river mouth. Not to many places to hide today with the water being so high so again if he was tucked away in the dunes it would have been tough to spot him.

Last years chick all vanished quite abruptly as well and were later spotted at Gobles Grove (near Port Elgin) so although I think our first two were lost to predators there is the potential that maybe this last one just flew off. We won’t know unless we have a sighting or he/she comes back next year. I will check Gobles Friday or early next week.

I will not be able to survey the beach tomorrow but will be back Friday. If the chick is not seen by Friday the perimeter will most likely come down during the day. It may be beneficial to have the morning person on Thursday do a survey of the beach if they are available but I think we can go ahead and cancel that evening survey which I have down as Bruce and Liz.

I do want whoever ends up on the beach to know the front of the perimeter is washed out and it was not fixed today due to high waves (which would most likely continue to knock it down). I have talked to the town and they are aware and know that I will be there Friday AM to either fix or remove it.