August 12, 2014

Leah Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

Variety store, dad is at shore feeding just S of perimeter. No sign of the chick. There are a lot of fresh (I believe) fox tracks inside perimeter west. Several spots where the animal has stopped fast to change direction and they are fresh after the rain quit about 5AM.

Spotter Bill has covered up to plover parking, shore to grasses, no chick. Another spotter came from way S and was going to plover parking, no chick. I checked as far S as Peel St, shore to grass and each ditch, no chick.

Carolyn’s update:

At Sauble today I did an extensive survey of the shoreline and the foredune area from the river mouth to the main parking lot. I saw the Variety Store Male foraging at the driftline at 11:44 about 200 m north of the 6th st N bathroom. There were about 7 Sanderlings foraging close by. I looked extensively around the drainage ditch and the foredune towards the swings where Peter found the chick yesterday evening but no luck.

At the South end of the beach there wasn’t much action. I only saw gulls and very few people. On my way back along the foredune line there was also not much going on. Upon returning to the 6th St N bathroom I saw 13 sanderling right in front of the 6th street bathroom mid-beach and the male from the variety store foraging at the waveline…they were all foraging and headed in a southern direction. No chick seen at this time either. I looked back through the foredune by the 6th st north drainage ditch towards the swings and back to the perimeter but no luck there either.

There was a heavy southwest wind and some intermittent light rain. Very few people out. Hopefully the little fella was just hiding himself very well due to weather. Will be back tomorrow to take another look.