August 1, 2014

Leah Port Elgin, Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

Carolyn’s update:

Sauble Beach

The 3 chicks are doing well this afternoon when I arrived around 4 ish. Cheryl and Aubrey were hard at it talking and providing lots of information to a very interested public on the beach. The chicks are quite big now and flapping their wings a lot they foraged in the South East corner of the perimeter in the high grass near the snow fence for the better part of the afternoon, had a nap and then off they went to the NorthWest corner and out to the drainage ditch. By 5:30 pm most of the beach goers were gone and the chicks were out foraging around the perimeter and off with Male looking like they were going to head North. As things quieted down we packed up to let the plovers do their thing!

Port Elgin

Looks like our kids have left the nest. They did not come back to the perimeter Thursday night or this morning. Stew spotted the 3 of the chicks on Gobles around 11 am ish and when I arrived after noon we spotted the final chick. All 4 doing well and foraging at waveline. Many beachgoers said they saw the plovers on the beach Thursday. They are navigating around people and gulls well. If they do not return to the perimeter tonight or tomorrow morning the perimeter will be removed.

Survey of some of the beaches north of Port Elgin were completed this morning. No plovers were seen but there are some nice beaches for the plovers to stop over to forage on their way South.

Variety store dad with 3 chicks, all out and about front of perimeter then chicks went into a stick inside perimeter, dad went to them and all brooded best they could fit.