July 31, 2014

Leah Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

Carolyn’s Update:
Sauble’s North chicks doing well! Dad piped to them yesterday from the north side of drainage ditch and they all came to him however they couldn’t pass at shore because the waves were too rough so they all three approached the slimiest part of the ditch and waited and pondered he continued to pipe and then the 1st one crossed the water it was then the 2nd followed hesitantly by the 3rd. I will send pictures tonight.

Saw some wings flapping followed by a second with toes mm’s off the ground! I think we will see some practice flights in upcoming days! They are really enjoying the North end of the beach for foraging!

PE chicks were not in the perimeter when I arrived yesterday however were all seen by Stew Nutt in am. I walked to Gobles and no sight of them while Stew checked on them in the evening and they were not back so perhaps they have moved on. A survey of some of the southern shoreline might reveal their location today so I will let you know!