Wasaga Sun: Piping plover egg breaks record

Leah Articles, Local News

Article originally posted May 8, 2012

By Staff, Wasaga Sun

WASAGA BEACH – It is believed a record was broken Friday when a piping plover egg was laid at Wasaga Beach.

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park superintendent John Fisher said the egg beat the record for the earliest egg by four days.

Five piping plovers have been spotted at Beach Area One this spring and with nesting activity comes the implementation of the piping plover program to keep predators and humans away from the nests, as it is mandated to do.

Fisher said park staff is keeping an eye on the birds, which arrived on April 16.

Fisher said volunteer piping plover guardians initially spotted the birds and they continue to keep watch.

At least three of the plovers have leg bands that tell officials they were born in Wasaga Beach.

“Our focus at this time is on installing the required fencing, initiating monitoring, and targeting enforcement patrols to ensure appropriate protection for these endangered birds,” said Fisher.

Trish Davidson will act as Piping Plover Coordinator for the 2012 season, a job she also had in 2010.

Daividson has a Masters of Science in Primate Conservation and has travelled internationally as a wildlife rehabilitator and environment educator.

Anyone interested in volunteering as a Piping Plover Guardian is asked to call Davidson at 705-429-2516 or e-mail speciesatrisk@wasagabeachpark.com.

The endangered shorebirds returned to Wasaga Beach in 2005 and first nested in 2008. It had been more than 70 years.

Piping Plovers are listed as an endangered species in Canada and regulated under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act.