Sauble Beach Plovers are Back

Leah Sauble Beach, Updates from the Beach

Sauble Beach has welcomed two pair of Piping Plover to its popular sands this year.

Watch for the Volunteers in their blue vests (or sporting binoculars) to get the scoop. These individuals are trained and kept up to date on the plovers – allow them to share their expertise with you!

As the nests are incubating, one parent from each of the nests will still be out on the beach looking for food. They will most likely be along the wave swept part of the beach. If you see these adults out and about, try to give them space so that they can eat their fill before returning to their nest incubation duties. Plovers are good partners, and share the protection of the nest equally.

Please respect the fenced areas — this is the immediate nesting area. Entering these spaces could scare the plovers from the nest, and cause pair to abandon the eggs and create a new nest in a “safer” location. The goal of this program is to have each nest be successful the first time, and have healthy and mature chicks leaving Sauble Beach. That can only be accomplished with the assistance of all the residents and visitors of Sauble Beach.